Bosideng’s Global Leading Position Consolidated by its Rapid Brand Upgrading and Multi-dimensional Breakthroughs

In recent years, as down jacket consumption continues to expand and upgrade, it becomes trendy for customers to prefer more personalized, differentiated and diversified designs. To address the consumption demands, at the turn of the outdoor wear industry transformation and upgrading, Bosideng, as a leading manufacturer, constantly customizes its products for more individualized tastes, while sticking to its brand strategy of respecting established down jacket designs.

Lately, Bosideng has launched its “First-of-its-kind” trench-style down jacket, achieving a new multi-dimensional breakthrough, ensuring a more exquisite wearing experience. Simultaneously the brand has opened up the first global customer experience store, where customers can better appreciate the charisma of the brand by delving into its history and technology. It is one of the multi-angle endeavors of the brand to lead the customers to enjoy the core value of the brand and its upgraded wearing experience.

Product upgrading: with 3 upgrades and 6 functional breakthroughs Bosideng presenting you the “First-of-its-kind Trench-style down jackets”

Products always represent the foundation and core competitiveness of a brand’s development, which has been substantiated by those time-honored brands with their hardcore products. Despite that the clothing industry is one of those FMCG industries, the consumption mode has changed considerably and customers are looking forward to the expected value and exquisite life experience their purchase may bring rather than merely focusing only on the product itself. 

As a world's leading down jacket brand in both retail sales value and volume sales value, Bosideng has kept an uninterrupted observation of the consumer demands for product upgrading. In 2021, they launched the trench-style down jacket, which had perfectly married the advantages of the western classic trench coat to eastern warm down jacket, winning a praise in chorus from the customers. Within just one hour of the Bosideng Show, the sales exceeded 10 million RMB and within 24 hours, 1600 pieces/item were sold. Many consumers said honestly, "It is not merely that the innovation of down jacket category or upgrading of one particular brand that impressed us, but the breathtaking charm of fashion that the trench-style down jackets had brought.”

There is, in recent years, a yearning from the consumers of down jacket products for more chicness, more technical content, and more fitness to the body shape. To address the yearning, Bosideng assembled 11 technical personnel and six designers to upgrade its trench-style down jackets from three perspectives, fabric, style and function. For a full year, they had gone through material selection, R & D, testing, and adjustments before they were able to deliver the customers the trench-style down jacket collection that provides international quality wearing experience. Meanwhile, Bosideng has demonstrated to the clothing industry its innovative strength and R and D capacity as a Chinese brand.


Fabric upgraded: two innovative customized fabrics to fit in different occasions

Optimal comfort and style, to a large extent, are determined by the fabrics. In this delivery of trench-style collection, Bosideng had taken pains to search for and experiment with the fabrics, with a view to achieve the best joining of the fabric and down while retaining the elegance of the trench coat, before the team finally created two brand-new customized fabrics - Pro-Proof fabric and de-constructing silhouette plaid fabric, breaking through the single fabric bottleneck of traditional down jacket, so that consumers can also enjoy High End Bespoke.

Stiff down jacket fabrics render less skin-comfort, while soft ones are not promising in retaining shape. Pro-Proof fabric has stood over 100 tests and experiments, after the team tried 6 kinds of finishing processes, 11 kinds of membrane cloth, and 9 kinds of backing cloth. The R & D team finally cracked the hard nut—soft fabric can easily fold up while stiffer ones won’t join with down, and the current fabric ensures a soft touch and cozy feel, and combines style and comfort. While the other material, the de-constructing silhouette plaid fabric, is a more upgraded version in terms of functional attributes and design aesthetic. With its inspiration coming from the architectural silhouette of the London streets in the rain, the fabric alone has taken the lead in a fabric revolution with its compatibility with fashion elements. In terms of processing techniques, the fabric is also unique - woven with two yarns of different warp and weft densities by a ROJ air jet loom and jacquard machine alternately. In each square centimeter there are 208 yarns staggered to create a 3D pattern. The fabric is rain-resistant and breathable, thus meeting the customers demand for wear on multiple occasions, besides ensuring room for movement with comfort and ease.

Design upgraded: two major fashion designs meeting fashion doyens needs to fit in different occasions

Consumers’ demands for styles vary with their different body shapes. Over the past year, Bosideng had carried out all-round analyses and studies of more than 3000 Asian targeted body ideals, and by taking advantage of its library of established clothing styles, out of over 160 sample jackets based on a pool of 285 design drafts, it has managed to create new smoother and cleaner styles that fit better the body shape of Asian men and women.

The classic smoother style has optimized the traditional trench coat, narrowing the waist area by 6.2cm inward, reducing the horizontal width difference between the shoulder, waist and hip, elevating the waist line with only 0.01cm error allowance. The design fits the body shape more properly, defining the body parts more accurately, thus meeting the needs of business elites for fashion and ease on trips.

In the past, the set of fashion people, more or less, harbor some misinformed preconceptions of the down jacket, largely due to the visual stereotypes in traditional down jacket designs. In the latest delivered collection, Bosideng has upgraded the trench-style down jacket with a new cleaner style, fusing into it trendy elements, such as bubble sleeves and shoulder flaps. At the same time, for each jacket, there are over 91 garment parts, tailed according to golden section ratio (1:0.618), thus providing more room to move about freely and meeting the needs for winter fashion and ease in OOTD flexibility. The comprehensive upgrading of the two styles broke new ground in down jacket design, invigorating the industry, and also rendering the wearer calm and elegant besides fashionable.

Function upgraded: Six features enhanced to face more extreme conditions

In addition, the functionality of the garments is upgraded, with six aspects enhanced—stronger waterproof, windproof, crease-proof, more breathable, new oil resistance and stain-proof, warmer and more skin-friendly. Compared with the indices released last year, its waterproof index is increased by 15%, windproof index by 28%, breathability index by 30% and thermal resistance by 10%.

It is worth mentioning that the traditional down jacket often focuses on softness of fabrics, resulting in a less satisfactory performance in crease-resistance. The upgraded down fabric adopts a single covered yarn with matt nylon process, greatly boosting its crease-resistance performance and ensuring wearers’ overall elegance on any occasion.


Sales channel upgraded: the world's first experience store is unbolted to welcome customers for a closer quality service

Today's consumers attach more importance to the professional strength and offline experience of brands on top of products performance. For brands, to demonstrate the technical content of their products properly can highlight their pursuit of excellence and taste and gain credibility from the consumers. Therefore, experience stores are built to offer consumers a more tangible experience of the products’ technical content and let them feel how much care the designers have put into the work, in addition to the high-quality services they receive on the spot.

To reach this end, Bosideng has built the world's first experience store in Shanghai, which integrates shopping, service and experience, so that consumers can enjoy the quality service of Bosideng while shopping. Given that many consumers are not informed adequately of Bosideng technology, the global first experience store introduced a 365 hardcore down product display device, and through its vivid interactive display of the birth of a down coat, presenting professional knowledge in a fascinating way, offering the customers a deeper dive into the technology embodied in each single piece of jacket. At the same time, the first experience store has designed a long corridor to tell the brand history with both pictures and footnotes, inviting the customers to witness the rise and innovation of Bosideng.

However, Bosideng team knows better than anyone else that simply displaying down jackets and illustrating the technology behind them may not be impressive enough for the consumers. While building the first experience store, Bosideng thoughtfully integrated into the design the Ice and Snow House & four scenarios experience and the creative member workshop area to enhance the customer experience value. The Ice and Snow House & four scenarios experience areas offer consumers an immersive environment to personally opt for the best fashion mix of down jackets and other products. In these areas, through free style mixing, the customers can better understand the highlights and details of the upgraded trench style down jacket. The designs flatter different body shapes and sizes, to ensure that down jackets can be worn next-to-skin.

To receive a more personalized service is the yearning of each customer. Bosideng Experience store has specially designed a creative member workshop where customers who would order the first High End Bespoke trench down jackets, can enjoy customized services so that they would have a better wearing experience.

At the Show, Bosideng also officially announced its new male spokesman. The overall brand upgrading is multi-dimensional, in products, experience store and promotion, and has greatly helped the customers to know and identify the upgraded products. Over the years, Bosideng has stayed true to his original aspiration, adhered to its mission by constantly upgrading its products, with its customer-centered design philosophy, leading China's down jacket industry to realize a qualitative leap. In the future, Bosideng will continue to forge ahead, with a vision to become a vanguard in its field.

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